Envy Choppers is a custom motorcycle and hotrod shop in Austin, Tx. Focused on metalshaping and precision fabrication Envy Choppers is committed to handcrafting machines without ever sacrificing quality.  Meeting and exceeding the expectations of every customer is Erik’s main goals of the shop.   If a completely one-off , unique design is what you’re looking for than you’ve come to the right place!

Growing up in central California influenced Erik’s design concepts from hanging around friends and family that were involved in the low rider and custom car cultures. Knowing from a young age that building and being around custom bikes and cars was what he wanted to do.

Going to school and building a career as a successful welder and fabricator gave Erik the skills to put his designs into reality. Building a business based on quality craftsmanship and paying great attention to detail on every project is what sets his bikes and parts aside from other shops.  Now focusing his time developing skills in metalshaping and studying metallurgy to create the best products to his customers and to never compromise quality for time and money is a hard and challenging task but is the only way Erik will run the shop. Give him a call to bring your vision to reality, whether it’s a custom part or a ground-up, full custom chopper or hotrod build that will for sure turn heads at any show!